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At JLC we believe in the old adage, "actions speak louder than words."

And therefore, rather than reading what we have to say about ourselves, we invite you to listen to our customers. After all, who better to tell you what you can really expect from our relationship.

To read on - and please feel free to inquire about others. We've got lots more...


"JAM-N Logistics has been the key vendor and the sole provider of our distribution, storage, and project services, since 2001. We highly recommend JAM-N Logistics, its management, and personnel for any distribution, warehousing, and project related services."

Michael Broderson Founder / Principal Partner DSI - Design Studio International


"JAM-N's people, systems and service have been delivering for us since 2001. They are a true partner that we can and do rely on"

Robert Hay Senior Vice President - Zagwear


"In 2000 I needed a facility to warehouse and ship the newly formed U.S. division of my U.K. based business. JAM-N Logistics has exceeded my best expectations.

The staff are knowledgeable, considerate and efficient. My inventory is safe and secure and in six years every single item has been accounted for. Shipments go out the same day as my instructions are placed and I am able to track the movement of my goods at all times.

Best of all I can do everything from a remote location. I travel a lot on business and am able to stay completely in touch with all aspects of my inventory and shipments at all times. Compared to running and staffing my own warehouse this is a runaway success."

Maurice Heagren President - Mauley International


"As a new company, we've really relied on JAM-N's experience and expertise. Their staff is very professional and have gone the extra mile for us under some very tight deadlines. It was a smart business decision for us."

Adi Weber, Co-founder and President - Strollometer



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