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Yes, we have forklifts, pallet racks, pick shelves, conveyors and space just like any other reputable warehouse. Aside from our People and Service, it is our customized, web-enabled inventory and order management system that sets us apart.

Our online inventory system allows you to view the status and activity of your goods anytime, anywhere by simply logging on to our web site.

Online Customer Order Requests

Your Dilemma: Let's say you're in a meeting in London and trying to close the sale. The client says he'll buy but only if you can ship the order by tomorrow?

The JAM-N Solution: You may either import the order to us electronically or utilize our manual entry function. The order details may be entered directly into our online system.

Our staff will receive and automatically process your order same day, in the event that it is received by 11:00AM Pacific Time.

24-7, Real-Time Inventory Status

Your Dilemma: Let's say you are overseas and trying to coordinate production run and you need to know how much you have on hand prior to committing to the quantity.

The JAM-N Solution: Logon to our online system from anywhere in the world / 24 hours a day and find out what you have on hand.

Your stock status report will not only tell you what you have on hand but: what is allocated / sold, what is available to ship, total cube on hand and in addition, all information can be downloaded into Excel or a PDF file, with a single click of a button.

Real-Time Transaction Tracking

Your Dilemma: Let's say you just walked into a meeting and the first words out of your customer's mouth are, "Did my order ship?"

The JAM-N Solution: Utilize our system's single click tracking option. Locate your order within our transaction register and simply click on the tracking number.

With a single click, this will bring you directly to the tracking information page of UPS and FedEx, provide you with the exact location and / or delivery details.

Online Freight & Transaction Billing Charge Visibility

Your Dilemma: Let's say it's five minutes until closing and your boss says he wants to cut an invoice for the shipment that just left the LA warehouse and needs to know the amount of warehouse and shipping charges.

The JAM-N Solution: Our transaction report is automatically updated within hours of every physical activity and transaction. All associated costs and pertinent details (recipient info, quantities shipped and tracking numbers) are available online, anytime and every time.

With JAM-N's online inventory (JOI pronounced "Joy") system you can answer all these questions and more with a click of your mouse.

If you would like to arrange a tour please contact us at info@4jlc.com or by calling 310-661-3081 x 216.


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