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The JAM-N Solution

JAM-N Logistics' "CAN DO" motto is not just another company slogan, it is our everyday commitment. In a business world where days and even hours can be the difference between net losses and net profits, your global logistics choices are even more critical than ever.

A couple questions and answers to consider before selecting any global logistics partners:

Question: What makes JAM-N any different from other freight forwarders?

Answer: A fragmented supply chain greatly increases the potential for avoidable delays. JAM-N Logistics is not just an international freight forwarder, we are a complete supply chain solution. JAM-N Logistics has been a trusted partner within the logistics industry, since 1993.

Question: What is a complete supply chain solution?

Answer: JAM-N Logistics is fully equipped in handling: international sourcing, international quality control, purchase order management, ocean and air cargo, domestic retail and E-commerce distribution, EDI solutions, domestic quality control, value added services, hang tagging, labeling, re-work, re-packaging and much more, all the while keeping you updated regardless of your requirements, via our online order management and inventory management system.

Question: Why should I use a company like JAM-N, when I can utilize a larger company such as the "Brown Guys?"

Answer: Bigger is usually not better. In fact, we acquire many accounts from clients who tried the big boys and decided to leave due to frustration caused by: operational issues, customer service problems as well as an overall lack of responsiveness.

At JAM-N Logistics, we won't assign you with an account number. In fact, we look forward to learning your name and learning more about how we may be able to assist you. Please contact us today at: info@4jlc.com, or call us at 310-661-3081 x 216.


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