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When it comes to air freight services your partners are more important than ever. Our understanding and experience will benefit you when it comes to an emergency situation.

Are you aware that most airline terminals apply storage costs over the weekend? If your urgent shipment arrives into Los Angeles International Airport on Friday evening and your forwarder went home for the weekend without a further thought, you would not only incur additional costs, but also the delay in realizing that an additional check needs to be submitted to the airport, prior to the release of goods. When minutes count, experience as well as a well rounded understanding of the industry is what sets us apart.

Many forwarders are caught out by and unaware of some simple facts garnered through true on the ground experience. A suggestion for you; ask your forwarder about storage policies at the airport. If you are unsatisfied with the response...give a true specialist a call: JAM-N Logistics.

JAM-N Logistics provides customer and shipment specific airfreight programs to all shippers, regardless of size. JAM-N understands that air freight is a premium and costly service, our programs focuses on: a quick transit, constant communication, combined with the ability to make the most of cost saving opportunities.

Call today and find out why JAM-N Logistics is considered to be a true partner, by so many? Contact us today at: info@4jlc.com, or call us at 310-661-3081 x 216.


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