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JAM-N Logistics keeps you covered where the ocean ends and the road begins. Unless your goods arrive and distribute from the west coast, it is likely that the journey is only halfway over, once your merchandise lands on US shores.

Our vast network and wide range of services offers you more viable alternatives, whatever the required timeframe and budget.

1) Is your shipment late? - JAM-N Logistics can receive, prepare and ship your goods directly to that major retailer, via our Los Angeles facilities. JAM-N Logistics can prepare your orders regardless of their specific requirements. JAM-N Logistics has 15+ years of experience in shipping to all major retailers.

EDI, UCC-128, online tracking, Pick and Pack requirements? Two words: JAM-N Logistics.

How can shipping from JAM-N Logistics Los Angeles facilities benefit you? When your goods land, we can flip your entire shipment within 48 hours; this allows you the benefit of:

a) Invoicing more quickly

b) Avoiding the cost of shipping to your warehouse, prior to shipping to your client/retailer.

Did you know that our warehouse handing costs are generally 50% less (per container) when compared to just the freight costs associated with moving your goods outside of California?

2) Would you like your container to be delivered to your warehouse door? - JAM-N Logistics will arrange your goods to arrive from your factory door in China, directly to your warehouse door in America.

Whatever your specific requirements JAM-N can arrange to have your goods delivered; via Rail or via a team driven hauler.

3) Does your inbound shipment contain goods for more than one client of yours? - JAM-N Logistics will pick up your container(s), deliver them to our Los Angeles facilities, split and transload your goods back into LTL or FTL shipments within 24 hours.

Each of our facilities are located within 15 miles of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. This is no coincidence; we are here to service your every need.

Can your current 3PL provider meet your needs at this level? If not, we are here for you anytime you pick up that phone and / or send off that E-mail to: info@4jlc.com, or by dialing: 310-661-3081 x 216.

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