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Shipment Tracking

At JAM-N Logistics, we understand that moving your goods from point A to point B is only half the challenge. Communication is an essential part of today's supply chain solution.

Our systems allow all of our associates 24/7 access to: container status, location, transaction history, sku history, stock status, open orders, single click tracking and more.

JAM-N Logistics offers our partners online access which will tell them if that container is onboard and/or if it has already been delivered to your customer. We understand that there are many logistics alternatives out there, but how many can offer you; international updates, quality control reporting as well as single click package tracking, online?

All of us at JAM-N Logistics understand what you need: timely, accurate and accessible information at a momentís notice.

For additional details, please contact us by calling: 310-661-3081 x 216, or send us an E-mail at: info@4jlc.com.

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