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JAM-N Logistics' wide scope of warehousing services is not limited to only America. Via our expansive network, consolidation services are conducted on a regular basis throughout China and Southeast Asia.

How can this benefit you? If you are currently utilizing several different manufacturers in Asia, their goods maybe transported to one of our many consolidation hubs, where all of your goods will be collected, consolidated and loaded onto a full ocean container. This is helpful in several different areas, primarily time and expense.

Time savings: When shipping via LCL (less than container load), your goods will be combined with other accounts who will share common container space. When the container arrives in Los Angeles, the container will be retrieved by a CFS (Container Freight Station) where the goods will be de-vanned and segregated. This process regularly requires an average of 72 hours. In a world where 72 hours can make or break a deal, this can be the difference between failure and success.

Cost savings: LCL shipments cost more because of the associated requirements and handling, both internationally as well as domestically. CFS facilities assess; forklift fees as well as other fees all of which can be avoided, when you are working with a true specialist who understands the best way to meet your specific needs as well as how international consolidations may benefit you.

JAM-N understands all aspects of this industry and will offer viable solutions, which will help allow you the time to focus on the job at hand.

Does your current forwarder offer cost cutting and time saving solutions to you? If they do not, you likely can think of a forwarder who just did, JAM-N Logistics. Please learn more by reaching out via E-mail: info@jam-n.com, or by dialing: 310-661-3081 x 216.

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