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Supply Chain Solutions

JAM-N Logistics proudly offers a "One Solution" program. The name says it all as JAM-N is well equipped in handling all of your supply chain needs, regardless of the who, the where and the what.

1) Product Sourcing - Are you displeased with your current Chinese manufacturer? Just ask JAMíN and we will put you in contact with several viable manufacturing solutions

2) International Quality Control - JAM-N Logistics currently performs quality control services within China on a daily basis. This is not an outsourced program; we perform the hiring, the training as well as tailor every international quality control program to meet your exact needs and concerns.

3) Purchase Order Management - JAM-N Logistics currently performs audits on a weekly basis at manufacturing facilities throughout China. This gives our clients a much better idea as to the reality on the production floor. At a time when your relationship with that major retailer is more critical than ever your word and timeliness is more important than ever. JAM-N is a true partner who understands this and is willing to assist your efforts all along the way. Simply stated: Your success is our success.

4) International Consolidation - Upon your request our international team will consolidate your goods from varying manufacturers into a single ocean container shipment. Thereby providing you with a more cost effective alternative to LCL.

5) Freight forwarding Ė Our international colleagues will pick your goods up directly at your manufacturerís door, deliver to your port of loading and see your container off as it sails across the Pacific. Our domestic team will work in order to ensure that your goods are cleared in a timely manner and delivered as per your exact requirements.

6) Air Cargo - When an 11 day transit isnít fast enough, JAM-N Logistics Air Cargo specialists will provide you with all options. Did you know that indirect Air Cargo shipments can save you thousands of dollars?

7) Customs Brokerage - Our specialists will send you pre-alerts prior to your container arrival. This will allow the necessary correspondence with customs to take place and help in ensuring that your goods are cleared for pick just as soon as possible.

8) Distribution - JAM-N Logistics has been a specialist in warehousing, distribution, transloading, pick and pack services for over 15 years.

9) EDI Services - JAM-N does it all. Your retail partner can send the EDI order directly into our order management system and we will do the rest: UCC 128, SCC 18 generating, ASN's, Shipping compliance requirements? JAMíN has got you covered.

10) Tracking/Order Status - JAM-N Logistics will keep you updated 24/7 via our JOI - JAM-N Online Inventory management system. Online order creation, Single click tracking, Auto E-mail notifications, Stock and order status is available from any web browser in the world.

Whatever your need, JAM-N Logistics is the only logistics partner you will ever need. Contact us today, in order obtain additional information: info@jam-n.com, or by dialing: 310-661-3081 x 216.

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