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JAM-N Logistics understands that your professional credibility relies heavily on not only on your: supply chain partners, sales and marketing capabilities, timeliness, etc.

What about the core of your business? Yes, the product that you sell is the reason that you are in business. Whether it be that household brand, established through 100 years of proven quality or the next brand to be, quality is what provides a true and lasting credibility with the consumer. In a world where our vital partners may speak a different language and are part of an entirely different culture, an understanding and competent quality control team and program can be the difference between a resounding success or a complete failure.

JAM-N Logistics does not outsource our quality control programs. When we put our name on it, it is truly a JAM-N Logistics project. All of our quality control programs have been tailored to meet our associate’s specific needs, concerns and requirements.

In each case, our domestic staff has traveled to Asia and visited the facilities alongside our clients. This not only allowed an introduction, but allowed our personnel to take note of all concerns as well as tailor inspection reports to the specific needs of every client.

It doesn't end there.

1) Have you ever seen production problems at your manufacturer's facilities and asked them to fix it before you leave?

2) Have you ever been left wondering if they actually made the changes that you had asked for?

JAM-N has a solution for you, which will put an end to the uncertainty. Prior to your goods arriving in Los Angeles, inform our staff of the container number that you would like to be inspected and our staff will: retrieve, open and inspect the exact percentage of goods that you would like to have checked.

We will take digital photos, report, measure and send the requested information to you via E-mail. This peace of mind service will provide you with the essential details in knowing how responsive that ever important partner truly is. We understand what you need in order to run your business with a confidence that very few logistics partners comprehend.

For additional details please contact us today at: info@jam-n.com, or: 310-661-3081 x 216.

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