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JAM-N Racing Crew

Crew Chief: Dusty McDonald, age 40

15 years in the sport as a driver, has given Dusty McDonald the knowledge and patience necessary to not only be responsible for an entire NASCAR crew but cultivate a relitively inexperienced driver into a true NASCAR competitor. Dusty's greatest racing achievement came in 1999 when he won the NASCAR Late Model championship as a driver. He accomplished this feat with an unbelievable amount of consistency, in 18 races, 4 wins, while never finishing worse than fifth. Dusty states, "It was a very special season for myself and the entire crew. While utilizing the experience of the 1999 championship team we hoping to duplicate this same performance with Brian."

Crewman: Larry McDonald, age 44

Larry has experience in motorsports dating back to the early 90's. By day Larry develops racing components for NASCAR's premiere divsion, Winston Cup. His vast knowledge, tireless work ethic and calm demeanor make him an integral part to the JAM'N Racing Team. Larry also brings with him, the experience of winning the 1999 championship as a crew member.

Crewman: James Hoffman, age 28

James Hoffman's early racing experience came from Off Road racing. James was involved in both SCORE and HDRA for two years prior to making the switch to NASCAR. He has experienced the grueling conditions of both the Baja 500 and Baja 1000. Argueably Off Road racing's greatest test of both man and machinery. The last three years have been comprised of the exact same work ethic and effort, just in a dramatically different environment. In 1999, James was also an instumental part of Dusty McDonald's NASCAR championship. With him he brings a solid work ethic and lighthearted spirit that helps keeps even the toughest times in perspective.

Crewman: Lloyd Forrester, age 40

Lloyd was involved with NASCAR for three years, prior to joining the JAM'N Racing Team. His racing experiences have been garnered throughout California, from Bakersfield to El Cajon. With him he brings a tireless spirit, work ethic and mischevious sense of humor that can be best described as unique.

Crew person: Karen Fagerstrom, age 28

Karen's primary duties include the core fundamentals: Good nutrition and proper hydration. In addition, with a tireless enthusiasm Karen handles the paperwork and logistics side of the JAM'N Racing Team. Prior to 2001, NASCAR was an unknown to Karen. We can all assume that she liked what she saw because like the rest of them...she will be back in 2002.



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