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JAM-N Racing Driver Bio

Driver: Brian Rock

Brian Rock, JAM-N Logistics' very own Sales and International Business Development manager has been involved in motorsports for over 20 years.

While in High School Brian drove his father's Stock car to victory, at legendary Saugus Speedway, in just his fourth ever race. Brian's first three races prior ended prematurely due to brushes with the retaining wall as well as mechanical woes.

After a brief hiatus from racing, Brian returned for just one season of racing and garnered second place honors in Willow Springs / Kern County Raceway's 1996 Championship. In 2001, Brian returned to competition in the ultra competitive, NASCAR Late Model division.

The return was hampered by a 120-mph multi-car collision with the retaining wall, virtually destroying the very first JAM-N Logistics Chevrolet Monte Carlo (see photo gallery). Brian was able to walk away unscathed and return one month later to qualify fifth fastest and finish sixth, which was JAM-N Racing's best finish of their inaugural season.

JAM-N Racing has been a fixture on the West coast ever since and is looking forward to yet another fun-filled season.

"The entire team and I are very optimistic for a very successful season," stated Brian, "If you cannot make it to the track personally, please keep an eye out for us on television broadcasts of the NASCAR's Late Model division, from Irwindale Speedway. We will JAM-N Logistics up in the front of the pack, where it belongs."

If you are interested in learning more about our team and / or would like to join us, at the track, please contact Brian directly at; brock@4jlc.com.

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