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JAM-N Racing Overview

One of the most commonly asked question is; "Why does JAM-N Logistics have a NASCAR Team?" The simple answer is: Why not?

JAM-N has been participating within the NASCAR Late Model ranks since 2001. In addition to providing an exciting way to have some fun, NASCAR events are great for hosting clients, special guests and employees alike.

We also reserve spaces on our car for any associates, clients and partners who would like to promote their special project or business. Over the years, we have also benefited from nationwide exposure on NBC's daytime drama, "Passions" as well as FOX Sports Net.

This season, we will be participating on a limited schedule. All of our races take place within the Southwestern United States and most typically, at the West Coast's fastest, one-half mile, high bank oval, Irwindale Speedway.

If you are interested in joining us at the track, or would like to receive racing updates, please contact us today, at 310-661-3081, extention 216, or via email at info@4jlc.com.

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