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Our People Overview

It is the people at JAM-N Logistics that make the difference.

Yes, we have the systems, racking, conveyors, lifts and space, but it is the dedicated staff at JAM-N that puts it all together and keeps our customer's products moving, anywhere in the world and anytime of day.

Without people like our New Jersey based facility Manager Carlos Chavez, Los Angeles-based facility manager Mike Mallette and Supply Chain Manager Paul Willette - to name but a few - JAM-N would be just another global logistics provider. But we are not. We are far better and would appreciate the opportunity to prove our worth.

We understand that our role is to support our customers. We know that we are the critical links within the value and supply chain and that the slightest mistakes may amount to thousands of dollars in chargebacks, lost time and lost opportunities.

We are so confident that we will get the job done right every time that we guarantee our accuracy as described within our service agreements and partner guidelines. We believe in being a real and true partner and appreciate every opportunity to prove our commitment to service as well as your overall satisfaction.

While our customers focus on sales, marketing and product development, we make sure their goods reach their final destination on-time, in the right quantities and in good condition. If they don't, nothing else matters.

Our job is simple in theory; efficient, accurate, timely execution, but it takes more than systems and equipment to ensure that all of this takes place. It takes dedicated, skilled, responsible and most importantly caring people.

At JAM-N, we all of the necessary components in ensuring that you will benefit from a headache free, worry free and truly dedicated Global Logistics partner . For more information please contact at info@jam-n.com or give us a call at 310-661-3081 x 216.


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