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EDI Service

Electronic Data Interchange offers a faster, more accurate and cost-efficient system for exchange of documents through computer-to-computer communication.

We utilize the EDI service to make us accessible in the world market place and hold an advantage over our competitors so we can offer a higher level of service to you.

EDI service is much more effective than paper-based systems for managing a wide-range of documents including purchase orders, invoices, and payments.

When documents are sent electronically as EDI service transactions, they can be exchanged between locations anywhere in the world within hours or minutes.

Our job is simple in theory; efficient, accurate, timely and secure inventory management, but it takes more than systems and equipment to ensure an effective physical distribution. It takes dedicated, skilled and responsible people.

At JAM-N Logistics, we have them all. Our EDI service ensures you a company that is organized and efficient. JAM-N is a full service provider of warehousing, distribution, freight forwarding, air cargo, quality control and packaging services with facilities strategically located in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Los Angeles.

Our 300,000 square foot Los Angeles facilities are located just 13 miles east of LAX and 14 miles north of the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles and within 3 miles of three freeways and every major rail yard.

For more information on what JLC can do for you please contact us about our EDI service by email or call us today, at 323-721-4JLC (4552).


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