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What We Do

JAM-N Logistics is a full service provider of: Warehousing, Distribution, Freight Forwarding, Air cargo, Quality control and Fulfillment services. Each of our facilities are strategically located within 15 miles of the most active port locations in America.

Our Los Angeles-based facilities are located within just 13 miles of LAX and 14 miles of the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Our Edison, NJ. facility is located within 12 miles of Port Elizabeth. Our US- and China-based teams - as well as our global network - ensure that you are covered to and from anywhere in the world.

In addition to distribution, transportation and quality control services, we offer packaging, assembly, handbag stuffing, shrink wrapping and other value added services making us the only partner you’ll need for your product handling requirements. Whether it is 10,000 square feet for bulk storage or a customized 100,000 square foot distribution center, JAM-N is the right choice.

Our satisfied customers range from major corporations to sole proprietors working from their home offices. Regardless of size and scale, each of our partners becomes an immediate priority once their goods arrive at our docks.

We ship to all major retailers on a daily basis: Target, Kohl's, Wal Mart, Costco, BB&B, know who we are and come and go from our facilities on a daily basis. We understand their strict requirements so you won't have to.

Our high level service is accommodated by our, JOI/JAM-N Online Inventory System, which allows you to remain informed and up to speed from any web browser in world.

If you ever ask yourself: Where is my order? How much inventory do I have? Where is my ocean container? Or, what is going on at that warehouse? Put an end to this and save yourself the headache and hassle, by calling us today; 310-661-3081 x 216, or via email at: info@jam-n.com.


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