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Inventory Management

Imagine this.

You are on a business trip in Tokyo and your client would like to place an order for everything that you have in stock and wants to know how much you have in stock, right now. What would you do?

We have the answer. JAM-N Logistics' online inventory and order management system is accessible from any web browser anywhere in the world and at any time.

Our JOI System (JAM-N Online Inventory), which is pronounced as "JOY," is just that. The internal sophistication as well as the user friendly interface is just that - a JOY to our customers.

Not only are you able to check on inventory levels, you can easily check on order status, obtain tracking information as well as utilize our simple single click tracking option.

The days of writing down a UPS or FEDEX tracking number and calling in, in order to determine the whereabouts of a shipment are over. One click from our JOI System, does it all; instant, simple and efficient.

Whether you are traveling abroad or surfing from home, JAM-N Logistics provides you with all of the essentials in ensuring that you have the answers as you need them. From Boston to Bangledesh, JAM-N has the answer!

Put a little JOI into your life, by calling us today; 310-661-3081 x 216, or via email at: info@4jlc.com.


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